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We will start the registration at 8:30am on the capitol grounds. 



There will be time to partake in our catered coffee service and to find out a little more about what our organization Ukraine-Org is doing and how the funds we raise will be donated to help Ukraine. 



We will also be selling official RUN t-shirts and other goods to support Ukraine and we will donate 100% of the proceeds! Or simply donate, your donation is also tax-deductible! 



Ages are 8+ to any age.



The registration is FREE but we encourage each participant to donate money to our trusted partner organizations to help bring relief to Ukraine.

EVERYONE needs to register in the family so if you have a family of 4 everyone will get the number so they must be registered. 

If you choose to not register until the day of the event there will be an obligatory $30 donation fee per participant.



5 Kilometers that is 3.2 miles 



You will have the opportunity to buy a shirt however if you are not purchasing a shirt we strongly encourage that you wear the Ukrainian FLAG Colors of BLUE and YELLOW!


Make sure you wear sunscreen and a hat to avoid overheating and sunburn. Also, make sure to bring a WATER bottle. Water will also be available at the registration site.


Please spread awareness and Call your friends, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles anyone who can run, jog, walk for a minimum of 3 miles should come. 


Let's come together and be strong for Ukraine. 


How This Run Will Make a Difference?

Walkers, runners, and volunteers come together to Support Ukraine in these devastating times, raise awareness about the gut wrenching war and the undergoing Russian Invasion. Our goal is to raise money to help Ukraine through our trusted partners Kids of UA. Together Fitnello Fitness and our partners Kids of UA have many connections and ties to the Ukrainian people which is why we are using our outreach here in the US to show our support of Ukraine. 


Walk with your community and the FITNELLO TEAM to help free Ukraine from Russian Invasion and killing of innocent people. Your participation will help us fund and conduct rescue and asylum for Ukrainian families as well as support the Ukrainian army, and spread the word about the awful Russian Invasion.


By uniting our communities and raising money, we can help the Volunteers in Khmelnitskiy (a town in western Ukraine) that are currently serving hundreds of refugees to purchase all the necessities and provide the women and children with safe passage to the borders to escape Ukraine safely. We also partnered with Kids of UA and will transfer part of the donations directly to them.

I would like to cordially invite everyone in the community to take part in this life-saving event. Let us show our support to every woman, every child, and every man that stayed behind to serve their country as we walk/run together in the fight against the Russian Invasion in Ukraine. Together we can win! 

Glory to Ukraine! 

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